Health Professionals
"Having attended an M/BMI-HMS training, I am better able to recognize the stress component in my patients' presenting symptoms, address it if I can, and refer to the Institute otherwise. I have seen marked improvements in my patients with hard-to-treat illnesses; many now carry the hope that they will continue to feel better."Patricia O'Shea, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Primary care physicians often are taxed by patient complaints that do not seem to have a clear etiology, nor do the patients improve despite good medications and expensive procedures. Current studies show that stress or distress may have a significant effect on the onset, the course, and the management of many, if not all, diseases. Understanding a patient's underlying stress physiology and coping mechanisms may enable physicians to better understand various clinical disorders and treat their manifested symptoms.

Evidence demonstrates that stress may exacerbate or cause illness and that mind/body interventions can improve clinical outcomes. Mind/body medicine is a scientifically-validated medical discipline based on the biopsychosocial model and the relaxation response Mind/body interventions, including cognitive/behavioral therapy, relaxation response training, lifestyle modifications addressing nutrition and exercise, and coping strategies, have been applied successfully to decrease the frequency and intensity of medical symptoms and to improve disease management in patients with hypertension, heart disease, chronic pain, insomnia, infertility, menopause and a host of other conditions with a stress component.

The Mind/Body Medical Institute (M/BMI) offers several means for physicians and other health professionals to interface with mind/body medicine:

Clinical programs and individual therapy for your patients
A range of trainings in mind/body medicine, many in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education
M/BMI affiliation for hospitals and health systems
Speakers' bureau

The M/BMI has improved the health of thousands of patients with stress-related symptoms or medical conditions first offering clinical programs more than 20 years ago. Currently, more than 200 Boston-area physicians regularly refer to our Health and Wellness Center their hard-to-treat patients whose health issues may benefit from a mind/body approach. For those unaware of the scope of our medical services, please take a moment to review the conditions we treat and our programs and services. We are eager to facilitate your relationship with us and have provided a downloadable referral form and other information here, including links to staff coordinators ready to assist you or your patients.

Each year the M/BMI and the Harvard Medical School present highly-rated continuing medical education courses and conferences that draw medical professionals from around the world. The Institute also offers one- and two-day intensive trainings in a specific field for individuals or groups seeking to provide their own clinical programs.

Hospitals and health care systems who seek the on-going training and supervision required to replicate our offerings can contract to join the 10 Mind/Body Medical Institute affiliates already in existence here and abroad.

On our site you will also find a complete list of published research by M/BMI staff as well as summaries of studies relevant to mind/body medicine.

Finally, find information on the areas of expertise of Herbert Benson, MD and other M/BMI staff who are ready to speak to health professionals at conferences, grand rounds, meetings and other events.
More Information
For questions on reffering patients or offerings for health professionals, contact M/BMI Medical Director Eva Selhub, MD at
617.991.0102 X209 or eselhub@mbmi.org
MD Testimonial
Herbert Benson, MD President,
Mind Body Medical Institute and
Mind Body Medical Institute Associate Professor of Medicine,
Harvard Medical School.